A Typical Sunday

The RE program is filled with children/youth of many ages. We believe that by learning and sharing our different life journeys, we are modeling what it means to be in community. As part of this experience, we offer multi-age groupings where we share, learn, and create together. We also have dedicated spaces for the very young in our nursery.



From 9:45-10:45am, we offer Chalice Children & nursery care concurrent to our adult RE programming. Please click here for details.

During the 11am worship service, all children join with the congregation in the sanctuary, unless they are already in the nursery. Children will be invited to the front carpet to listen to the Story for All Ages. After the Story, the children will be sung out to activities, which take place in the Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, William Ellery Channing, and Susan B. Anthony rooms. The RE Staff will help guide the children as they choose which Spirit Space they would like to attend. Parents are welcome to assist their child as well. Many youth (ages 13 and up) choose to remain in the worship service though they are welcome to participate or assist in the Spirit Spaces.

During Worship services, your child is always welcome to remain with you in the sanctuary. In the back of the room, we have a set of lovely rocking chairs and a carpeted area for families with babies and toddlers to enjoy. We also welcome children and families in the front of the sanctuary by providing child-size seats for our youngest Neshobans, so they may be comfortable and see what’s happening in the service.

Children must be picked up by their parents after Chalice Children programming and after the worship service is over at noon. The facilitators may supervise these children on the playground for up to 10 minutes after classes let out (weather permitting). Parents are responsible for their child’s safety, except for the time during childcare or the RE Programs.


Multigenerational Services

Several of our Sunday services each year are multigenerational, designed to fully engage both children and adults. These services are often arranged around holidays, and can include dance, music, skits and readings. Children often participate in presenting or even leading these services, which are among our most enjoyable Sunday programs. During these services, only the Nursery and Builders rooms will be open. However, the nursery and Builders rooms will be closed on Christmas & New Year’s Day. Please check the 10 day forecast email for the most up-to-date information, regarding these special Sundays.

Our multigenerational services include, but are not limited to:

  • Water Communion September 11th
  • Sunday after Thanksgiving November 27th
  • Winter Break December 25th & January 1st
  • Easter Sunday April 16th
  • Flower Communion May 7th

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