Wednesday Night Live!


Wednesday Night Live offers weekly events that help strengthen our community.  Events begin at 6:30 pm.

1st Wednesday of each month: Coffee House

A sharing of music and other artistic expressions as we celebrate the spirituality and humanity of art in our lives. 

2nd Wednesday of each month: CUUPS Monthly Ritual or workshop

A Pagan ritual, coinciding with the cycles of the season, led by Neshoba's Sacred Circle, our CUUPS group, or a workshop focused on a Pagan practice.

3rd Wednesday of each month: Memphis Freethought Alliance

The MFA meets weekly at Neshoba, is always open to Neshobans, but on the 3rd Wednesday is the only event happening. 

4th Wednesday of each month: Social Justice & Outreach 

The Social Justice & Outreach committee plans this week, often bringing in speakers on a topic of interest or scheduling training or other hands-on activities related to upcoming Social Justice efforts. 

5th Wednesday of each month: Memphis Free Thought Alliance

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