Neshoba's many committees are tasked with tending the myriad aspects of nurturing and growing our Church community, under the governance of our Board of Directors. Most committees have open membership, and most meet monthly. All Members are encouraged to find their niche and Get Involved!



Committees and Teams

Building and Grounds Committee ([email protected]) Building and Grounds is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of Neshoba's grounds and facilities. Their responsibilities include overseeing and coordinating landscaping, housekeeping, and repairs. Building and Grounds meets monthly or as needed. 

Care Committee ([email protected]) The Care Committee exists to keep the Neshoba community apprised of care needs among members and friends of the church, and to organize efforts in meeting those needs. The Care Committee meets as needed.  

Committee on Ministry ([email protected]) The Committee on Ministry serves as the congregation's liaison with the minister and as the minister's "sounding board." Active only during a settled ministry, the COM provides confidential support to the minister in the performance of her ministerial duties. Meetings are closed, with members selected by the Minister with Board input. The COM meets as needed.   

Communications Committee  ([email protected]) The Communications Committee exists to facilitate communication among members of Neshoba and to the community at large. The Committee is responsible for managing Neshoba's marketing efforts, maintaining our internet presence, managing social media, coordinating internal communications, etc. The Communications Committee meets at 6:30 on the first Tuesday of each month. 

Finance Committee ([email protected]) The Finance Committee is committed to ensuring the financial integrity of the church. Their duties include preparing the annual budget, monitoring cash flow, recommending improvements to internal financial controls, ensuring transparent financial reporting to the congregation, etc.  The Finance Committee meets at 6:30 on the second Thursday of each month. 

Membership Committee ([email protected]) The Membership Committee is responsible for ensuring that Neshoba is a welcoming environment for new Members and guests, while helping them integrate fully into church life. Their responsibilities include greeting and welcoming new Members and guests, helping Members identify volunteer opportunities and interest groups, coordinating classes for new UUs, maintaining the membership database, etc. The Membership Committee meets at 6:30 on the fourth Tuesday of each month. 

Nominating Committee ([email protected]) The Nominating Committee provides a slate of nominees (officers and board members) to the church members for election. The Nominating Committee meets as needed. 

Planning Committee ([email protected]) The Planning Committee serves to assist committees and groups in developing annual objectives and strategic activities that support the church’s purpose, mission and goals. This committee includes representatives from the Board and from standing committees, and meets as scheduled by the Chair.

Program Council The Program Council serves as an opportunity for committee chairs to briefly report on activities of the previous month, review future church activities, and facilitate a resolution to scheduling conflicts, if necessary. The Program Council meets on the 3rd Tuesday at 6:15, immediately before the Board of Directors meeting.

Religious Exploration Committee – Youth ([email protected], [email protected]) The RE Committee exists to encourage the individual, group, spiritual, and social justice development of the children and youth of the church through education. This committee works closely with the DRE to discuss the religious programming needs of our community and to oversee the RE staff of volunteers. The RE Committee meets at 7:30 on the second Tuesday of each month.    

Religious Exploration Committee – Adult ([email protected]) The role of the Adult Religious Education Committee is to encourage the individual, group, spiritual, and social justice development of adults of the church through education including classes, discussion groups, speakers and small group participation. 

Social Justice & Outreach Committee ([email protected]) The Social Justice and Outreach Committee works to advance human rights and social justice throughout our wider community. The Social Justice Committee meets at 7pm on the third Thursday of each month. 

Stewardship Committee ([email protected]) The Stewardship Committee is dedicated to ensuring the continued health of our congregation by encouraging members to support the church through pledges of time, talent, and treasure. Their responsibilities include organizing our annual campaign pledge drive, monitoring members' progress toward fulfilling pledges, sending periodic giving statements, and implementing additional fundraising events (beyond the annual pledge drive) that may be necessary for the fiscal well-being of the church. 

Worship Committee ([email protected]) The role of the Worship Committee is to assist the minister in providing worship experiences for the congregation. Their responsibilities include coordinating Sunday services in the minister’s absence, serving as a sounding board for sermon and service ideas of the minister, enhancing the worship space by setting up the Sanctuary for Sunday services, providing storytellers, and coordinating volunteers to make announcements before each service. The Worship Committee meets at 6:45 on the second Tuesday of each month.